If you are considering having your spider veins (also known as thread veins) treated, you have probably started researching the costs. Prices and pricing models vary widely from clinic to clinic, making it difficult to compare packages and predict your care’s total cost. At Premier Veins, we believe that the cost of your treatment should be transparent, easy to understand and free of any nasty surprises. That’s why we use a fixed-price treatment model. This article explains the model, typical costs, and answers common questions.

The Premier Veins pricing model

Our fixed-price treatment packages include the cost of treatment and follow-up, including scans. This means that you will know the exact cost of your package as soon as we agree your treatment plan.

Treating single/multiple veins in one leg (unilateral procedure)

Overheads for treating multiple veins are only marginally higher than treating one, so we charge per session rather than per vein to keep patient costs as low as possible.

Treating single/multiple veins in both legs (bilateral procedure)

In most cases, we can treat spider veins on both legs during a single session, and this can often be performed on the same day as your consultation. However,  if at your consultation your scan reveals a deeper issue such as hidden varicose veins feeding the spider veins, you will require two separate procedures over two sessions. We will be able to assess the likelihood of you needing more than one treatment at your consultation.

Typical costs at each stage of your treatment journey

Stage 1: FREE mini-consultation (remote/face-to-face)

We recognise that committing to treatment is a big decision, and it needs to be the right decision for you. To help you make an informed choice about becoming a patient with us, we encourage you to take advantage of our free mini-consultation where you can:

  • Meet the team and find out more about us
  • Learn how we tailor your treatments to your diagnosis and requirements
  • Discuss what you can expect from your treatment journey
  • Discuss any questions or concerns that you have (including questions about thread vein removal costs)

Stage 2: Consultation and scan (face-to-face)

If you decide that you would like us to treat your legs, we will book you in for a full consultation. It is often possible to conduct this and your subsequent treatment session on the same day as your free mini-consultation. 

At your appointment, your consultant will:

  • Ask you about your medical history, symptoms and treatment goals
  • Perform any necessary non-invasive investigations, including a duplex scan
  • Discuss treatment options with you and recommend your next steps
  • Encourage you to take time to discuss thoroughly any issues or concerns

Stage 2 Costs

Consultation (remote or face-to-face): £249.00

Duplex ultrasound scan (one or two legs): £149.00

Stage 3: Treatment – Microsclerotherapy

Your consultant surgeon will treat your legs using microsclerotherapy – the most effective clinical technique for resolving spider veins. It is a straightforward walk-in-walkout procedure that takes less than an hour to perform.

Stage 3 Costs

Single/multiple veins in one leg/both legs: £349.00

Compression stockings (one pair): £59.00

Treatment for underlying varicose veins

If hidden varicose veins are diagnosed as the root cause of spider veins, you may require an alternative treatment or an additional procedure. The duplex scan results will determine this, and your consultant will discuss the options with you during your consultation. 

Alternative procedures include:

Stage 4: Follow-up consultation (remote/face-to-face)

In most cases, microsclerotherapy doesn’t require a follow-up consultation because it may take 6-12 months for the spider veins to gradually fade. However, If any other treatments are needed, a follow-up appointment may be necessary to check that healing is progressing as expected.

Stage 3 Costs

Follow-up consultation (remote or face-to-face): £149.00

Common questions about spider vein treatment cost

Why do I need a scan?

Patients that present with superficial spider veins can often have hidden varicose veins. Finding and treating varicose veins makes treating spider veins much more effective. For this reason, The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends the use of duplex ultrasound to “confirm the diagnosis of varicose veins and the extent of truncal reflux, and to plan treatment for people with suspected primary or recurrent varicose veins”.

Will the NHS treat spider veins?

Spider vein treatments are not available on the NHS as they are a cosmetic issue.  However, the NHS may fund treatment for associated varicose veins if they cause complications. 

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